Tea Tree Oil


100% natural oil and natural bactericide. Disinfect the skin.

Treatment of hangnails, fungi, ingrown hairs, lice and minor skin infections such as grazes and insect bites.

Recommended for men after shaving as it disinfects possible cuts or scrapes and for acneic skin.

Great ally against hair loss. Stimulates the scalp. To do this, add several drops to the shampoo and massage.

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Additional Information


17 ml

How to use

Apply diluted in water in small quantities with the help of a cotton ball.


100% Tea Tree Essential Oil


1 review for Tea Tree Oil

  1. Angel López de Luzuriaga Strong

    I have used it to treat scars from a surgical operation. At the direction of María I combined it with the Repairing Lotion and the result is spectacular. Ah! my daughter has also started using it for her acne marks and is delighted.

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