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Article: Say goodbye to 2021 and welcome challenges renewal for 2022!

Navidad 2021. María D'uol

Say goodbye to 2021 and welcome challenges renewal for 2022!

December has arrived, this month is characterized by being full of nostalgia, emotions, purposes and memories. The great enthusiasm of dinners and family gatherings are already knocking on your door. 

This last month of the year, we look back to remember everything we have lived, and all the way we went through, to get to this present moment.

This year we learned and we taught a lot of things. We talked about skincare and gave you tips to take care of it during each season; as well, as during cancer treatments. In addition, we recommend you the ingredients that help you to take care of the body.

Remember María D'uol's Best Sellers, so that you can start or continue your beauty routine with formulas designed for your care and well-being.

Taking account of the experiences we have lived until now, we do not forget that it is time to start thinking about new purposes and challenges for next year. This 2021 has been another year of deep changes and adaptation due to the Covid-19 health emergency; but specially, of personal and professional learning.

That is why, we take the new opportunities to leave the disadvantages and difficulties of 2021 and take everything we learned and put it into practice in 2022. 

Gratitude. A magic word.

We are also extremely happy and grateful for having a great team, who works with love and passion to take care of people's skin. Our purpose has always been the well-being and care of all the wonderful people who trust in María D'uol. For this reason, this year, we continue developing new solutions designed with your needs in mind.

We thank you for been part of our days and our growth. Without your help, we would not be here today. That is why, we thank you for relying on us and trust us. In addition, thanks to you we know that there is no challenge we cannot face; together, we grow as professionals, and as a family.

Thanks to our suppliers, customers, healthcare staff and all the people who help to make Maria D'uol the biggest dream come true.

Thank you for growing with us. Thank you all for being part of this great family, for all the effort, and for keeping relying on us. 

List of purposes for next year

What do we hope for next year? We all have goals at the end of the year, and we are excited to start achieving them. Everyone is responsible for the things they want to achieve, so our purpose for the coming year is to continue doing research in cosmetics with the same enthusiasm as always; and thus, be able to get the best formulas for our new products, to upgrade on science and innovation.

 And, of course, to continue by your side, listening to your needs in order to take care of your skin and celebrate your successes as if they were our own.

In addition, we want to keep improving on the best customer experience and personalized attention that you deserve, because we know that each of our customers is unique, and therefore, we put all the love and care in doing our best job. 

This way, we reinforce our commitment to our customers and to the environment. In addition, we reaffirm our responsibility to continue our dermo-cosmetic line to prevent and minimize the skin side effects of a cancer treatment.

As always, we are prepared and well positioned to face the arrival of 2022. We know that there are significant challenges ahead of us, but thanks to those who are with us and all our efforts, we are confident that we have the capacity to overcome them as we have done this year. We also accept these new challenges with optimism, enthusiasm, passion and excitement.


We are ready for 2022

We hope that next year will be full of infinite colors, full of beautiful emotions to share with each other. A 2022 full of laughter, smiles, learning, bonds, family gatherings, and lots of love, but also of new discoveries and experiences.

Despite of this pandemic time, we hope that you will keep the enthusiasm of pursuing and achieving everything you dream of. Therefore, we invite you to start your list of goals and challenges that you want to achieve this new year. We hope the new goals will offer you a lot of personal growth and learning.

From Maria D'uol we close this year wishing you health, joy, family unity, love and prosperity. May the magic of Christmas fill your homes and may the New Year be very welcomed.

Maria D'Uol team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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