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Article: María D'uol Defense Cream takes care of your skin in wintertime

Defense Cream. Crema de invierno

María D'uol Defense Cream takes care of your skin in wintertime

Today we want to introduce you the new Defense Cream, an innovative product of María D'uol, just made to protect your skin in wintertime. 

Winter is a beautiful season, where we can enjoy with the family and friends, you can enjoy Christmas, which is one of the most awaited moment. Some people practice winter sports and sports in cold weather; and, it is essential to moisture and to take special care of your skin. 

Why the cold weather could be harmful for skin?

We are sure that you have heard that the sun's rays are harmful for the skin; and that is why, you protect your skin from the sun in summertime. However, few people know, that winter, also, affects the skin adversely.

It is important to keep in mind, that sun is always there, the light is not so bright but it is always harmful. If you go to ski, you will realize that you can get sunburns if you do not apply sunscreen.

In María D'uol, we are aware that the main problem in winter is the cold wind; which drags harmful particles and a great quantity of humidity; and overall, the cold itself is very harmful itself for your skin. 

As you can realize, cold weather can dry out your skin, and, promote the appearance of blisters. it is very important to protect the skin and to keep in mind that you should use a suitable lotion for this time of the year. 

How María D'uol Defense Cream helps you

If you've asked yourself this question, you're on the right track. To choose an specific cream to protect and repair your skin in winter is an excellent idea, and a must-have.

Defense Cream is a new moisturizer that uses natural ingredients to fight against the skin damage in wintertime.

In order to protect your skin and minimize the side effects of cold temperature exposure, there is nothing better than this lotion to help you recover and take care of your skin.

The texture is very pleasant and it offers a great number of benefits since it has no artificial or chemical ingredients; so that, you can use it any time you wish. 

Among all its advantages, we would like to highlight the following ones:

- It fills the wrinkles. The good thing about this moisturizer is not only its protective effect, but it also rejuvenates your skin. Say goodbye to those annoying wrinkles and enjoy winter.
- Take advantage of its soothing effect. At a time when the cold could be irritating, a moisturizer that soothes your skin is deluxe.
- Nourish your skin. The active elements in Defense Cream are essential to give your skin the required nourishment. You'll notice its effects in no time, as your skin will feel smoother and more beautiful.

Natural active ingredients are much healthier 

Today we know, thanks to the progress of science, that natural elements are much healthier for our skin than synthetic ones. Therefore, it is important to always rely on natural elements, in order to achieve a soothing and rejuvenating effect.

María D'uol Defense Cream is a protective and moisturizing cream with a high quality natural active ingredients, which has been formulated with the rigor of love.

It is composed by Illipe Butter and Shea Butter, which are the main basis of this nourishing cream. The level of beneficial fatty acids in this product is balanced by avocado and chamomile oil, which offer long-lasting protection for your skin.

Moreover, you will also find natural extracts of algae and plants such as Centella Asiatica, Caesalpinia Spinosa and Enteromorpha Compressa, which are really nutritive.

It should also be pointed the Vitamin F, that completes the nutrition of your skin. It helps you to improve, repair and protect the skin when needed most.

In short, there is no better choice than a product like Defense Cream, in order to protect your skin from winter, Applying its natural active ingredients to your face  will not only give you a feeling of calm, but will also give you the security of being able to enjoy nature and the outdoors without having to worry about the health of your skin.

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