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Article: Interview to Cristina Ramos

Testimonio oncológico

Interview to Cristina Ramos

Today we have a very special interview. A life story full of strength, resilience, fortitude and love.

We would like to introduce you, Cristina Ramos, a brave woman who tells us her experience during cancer treatment. 

Who is Cristina Ramos?

I am a woman who is in one of the most beautiful stages in life. My children are already adults and I have free time to do whatever I could not do before. 

You were diagnosed with breast cancer ¿How did you react to your cancer diagnosis?

It was my first mammogram and in the waiting room, there were 2 other women very scared and I tried to transmit a feeling of serenity, because I was calm. 

Once the ultrasound scan was done, I saw in the face of one of the healthcare staff a look of pity, of compassion... and I knew that something unpleasant had to tell me. The next question they asked me confirmed it: "Are you coming alone? In spite of not telling me something sure, I knew it clearly by their gazes. 

I thought that I could not anticipate. I was going to wait until the assurance of the result. I thought that it would never happen to me.  

What emotions came over you and, above all, how did you learn to manage them to be today the enthusiastic woman that you are?

When all the tests were done and they told me the type of cancer that I had, I asked all the questions that came to my mind. This way, knowing my reality, I could manage. Afterwards, I could see how to tell my love ones. 

I did not tell anybody until one month and a half later, just before the surgery. I needed some time to digest it, I did not want to deal with uncertainty, and I chose thoroughly, when, how, where and who to communicate it. 

Where did you focus to overcome such a radical physical and emotional change?

I focused my attention in the assumption of this reality, which it was mine at that moment and I could not do anything to change it. 

Afterwards, I focused in everything that I love to do, appreciating the good that I have in life and looking for what I want to do and still had not done yet. I focused in all the things that makes me good; such as, daughters, family, dancing, hobbies, friends, and travelling. 

How did your life changed? 

Your life changes completely. It begins to pass through your mind all that future that you had planned; and just in case, it does not give you time to everything, you start to turn into reality now.

You become a practical person, you only get involved with worthwhile stuff for you. It is like if you want to organize your time well, as best as possible. It reminds me of the day of the EGA exam; I tried to distribute my time according to each exercise and its importance or value. The difference between the exam and life is that in the exam you know how much time you have; but in life you do not know how much time you have. However, your brain works in the same way, you want to make the most out of your life. 

You are an educational support specialist and you work in a special education school. It is sometimes a sensitive issue because of the distorted concept that a large part of society has. How has it helped you in your life, and in your cancer process, to work with them?

I can assure you it’s the most beautiful job in the world. You become the hands, the feet, the voice of those children, because they have big disorders. 

They are a gift, they make you value every thing you have, the lucky you are, the good health of your children, they teach you a lot.

Then, you realize that you have a small problem, despite the illness, you still can do everything that you used to do, and they did never have that opportunity. You still are a lucky person. 

We also know that you like writing, and that you use it as therapy. In fact, it is well known that therapeutic writing helps to accept and overcome emotional situations. We would love to know your experience.

Writing is great to take out all my concerns and worries, you place them on paper, out of yourself. It is symbolic, but it helps me.

For me, the fact to express myself in paper is therapeutic, since it lets free space in my head for new things; and dancing is my therapy for the body, it lets me release the adrenaline and feel empowered. 

How did you discover María D'uol’s oncological cosmetics products? Tell us how they improve your quality of life.

I discovered the products of Maria D'uol thanks to my sister. She knew Maria and her products long time ago. 

From the very first minute, María gave me all her emotional support and 2 products, Radio Skin Lotion and Carmen Repairing Balm.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I started to apply, the two creams that I have mentioned, 15 days before starting the treatment, and today, two months after finishing it, I keep doing it because they are great. Not even a single trace of redness or anything on my chest.

If you could give an encouragement message to someone who just found out that she has breast cancer, what would you say?

Every cancer is unique and every person too. If there is a good prognosis is easy but if not?

People usually say things like: "Come on, you are strong!" What the heck? You are not. But you have no choice. Then, I would try to make her feel that I am by her side, I would say: "I will be here for you, and we will get through this together"

C.R. Vitoria

Radiation Therapy - Breast

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