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Article: How to prepare your skin against the wintertime

Cómo preparar la piel para el invierno
Trucos de belleza

How to prepare your skin against the wintertime

As the seasons change, it is essential to adjust your facial and body care routine for the arrival of the cold weather. Dull skin due to lack of oxygen indicates that winter has arrived. 

Winter is the time when skin can become dry, sensitive, chapped and dehydrated if you don't pay special attention and care. 

Other consequences of the cold weather are redness caused by the dilation of capillary vessels due to thermal shocks and permanent dryness of the lips.

But you have nothing to worry about! Our main task at Maria D'uol is skincare. So that winter doesn't catch you unawares, we leave you some of the most important recommendations to keep your skin looking dazzling throughout the cold season.

Scrub your face

Dead skin cells that remain on the skin are the enemies of a healthy complexion, and when they increase, that is when enlarged pores appear. Therefore, to start a proper facial routine during winter, the first step is to choose a good scrubbing lotion that will help you remove dead skin cells to say goodbye to dry skin.

After a proper peeling, your pores are ready to absorb the active ingredients, without any barrier that block them. 

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