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Cuidar y proteger la piel del frío
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How to take care and protect our skin

In wintertime, during the holidays or the weekends, it is very usual to practice winter sports. The exercise during the coldest season of the year is an excellent way to be in shape and healthy, burning calories and sharing time with your family and friends. 

But, ¿do you know how cold weather affects the skin? Today, we are going to talk about the winter sports, and how you can take care of your skin, not to suffer the side effects.  

Winter sports and skin damage

In order to understand why it is important to protect your skin during the winter, it is important to understand which features can pose a risk.

Sports, themselves, are not the main cause of damage, but they do encourage us to spend more time exposed to cold temperatures without realizing it, which, in the long run, is a problem for our skin.

Cold is one of the biggest enemies of healthy skin; and it is, therefore, advisable to take care of it, to avoid some of the problems that often go with low temperatures.

The sun: the greatest enemy

I'm sure that you've seen many snow athletes; such as, skiers, who get tan. This is because snow reflects the sun more than water or sand, and therefore exposure to UV rays is much higher in winter sports that are practiced in the snow.

It is important to protect the skin from exposure to sunlight, not only because of the appearance of spots or burns, but also to prevent possible skin cancer.

Wind and her particles

The wind and gusts of air, that drag small ice crystals, are one of the many dangers to the skin that you will encounter if you practice winter sports.

During a session of skiing, snowboarding or even mountain hiking, the small particles, carried by the winds at high speeds, can dry out your skin, and damage it little by little, without you even realizing it. You should always protect your mouth and eyes to avoid damage from strong winds, but you can also use some of the products we recommend at Maria D'uol to prevent further problems.

Cold weather and its risks in the skin

Any winter sportsperson, whether professional or amateur, should be aware of the negative effects of the cold temperature on the skin. At María D'uol, we want to make people aware of this reality to everyone who wants to practice any type of outdoor sport.

The cold dries out and dehydrates your skin, damaging first the most sensitive and least protected areas, such as the lips, hands, nose and ears.

What could we do to practice outdoor sport in winter while protecting our skin?

Physical activity should be practiced regularly throughout the year, since being in shape is not only good for our health and well-being, but also for our skin appearance. 

To avoid skin problems, it is important to keep warm if you are going to be exposed to cold temperatures, snow or strong winds. However, this is often not enough, and you also need to have some products on hand to apply before and after winter sports to protect your skin.

Use of sunscreen for outdoor winter sports

A UVA and UVB sunscreen, such as Maria D'uol's SPF50+ sunscreen, is necessary all year round, but especially when there is snow, as exposure to sunlight damage is greater.

Remember that these creams should be applied in generous doses, with a new application every half hour to achieve complete protection and avoid damage to your skin and your health from sun exposure.

Proper moisturizing protects your skin

The loss of hydration of the epidermis is one of the biggest problems your skin faces during winter sports.

In order to avoid damage from the cold and polar winds, it is important to have specific moisturizers at hand; such as, Maria D'uol's Protective Hand Cream, and María D'uol Foot Cream. 

These creams, as well as Maria D'uol's body moisturizers, should be applied frequently, and can be used before and after sports to achieve an optimun skin moisture level.

María D'uol Defense Cream, the best ally to protect your skin

In addition to sunscreen and moisturizer, there are specific products you can use to protect your skin against extreme winter temperatures.

If you are going to practice sports during the holidays or during a weekend, we recommend Maria D'uol's Defense Cream, a product made with natural ingredients that helps you get complete protection. This way, you can enjoy winter sports avoiding skin damages. 

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