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Article: The importance of using great active ingredients, such as, the avocado.

María D'uol

The importance of using great active ingredients, such as, the avocado.

Skin science in 1 minute!

In the following short María talks about the avocado active ingredient, which is great to improve the skin appearance.


María explains us its benefits. 

Avocado oil extract is rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, an ideal ingredient to maintain skin hydration, to soften and to soothe the skin. 

You can find Avocado Oil in the following products:

Rejuvenating Oil: This is a silky, velvety, and healing facial oil. We present this formula, 100% natural with plenty of vitamins and bakuchiol, which is the natural alternative to retinol, non-irritating and non-photosensitive. This oil reduces dark spots, diminishes wrinkles, and tightens skin. It brightens and renews your face, neck, and neckline. Let your skin do the talking! Let it look bright, healthy, and revitalized.

Defense CreamIt is a velvety texture cream, suitable for very dry, sensitive, and stressed skin. A new formula of Illipe Butter, extracted from the nut’s seeds of Shorea Stenoptera tree, a native tree from the rainforest of Island of Borneo, in Indonesian, which helps to prevent the deforestation and to protect the orangutan habitat. 1 kilo of Illipe butter preserves 135-meter squares of tropical forest. This lotion has natural active ingredients and plenty of vitamins, it reduces wrinkles, nourishes, protects, and soothes the skin.  

If you have any question about which skincare routine to follow, you can book a free online appointment. The success of a cosmetic treatment is based on a well-balanced blend of a good formula, an accurate diagnosis and a personalized skincare routine for each person.





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