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Article: Facial Cleanliness, the key to reach beauty

La limpieza, la clave de la belleza
Limpieza facial

Facial Cleanliness, the key to reach beauty

To clean face, neck and neckline, is the most important step in our skincare routine. It is necessary to clean thorughly the skin in order to look a radiant skin. We delete the impurities and the dead cells of the surface and we oxygenate the skin. A correct facial cleanliness will make the cosmetic products more effective. 

There are different kinds of cosmetics; such as, cleansing foams, cleansing gels, two phase lotions, tonic lotions, and so on. 

In María D'uol, we have a large variety of products with different textures; so that, you can choose the most suitable for you. Visit our "cleansers and make up removers" section and choose yours. 

- Bi - Phase Cleansing Lotion: It is an excellent makeup remover recommended for sensitive skin. It turns into a soft and creamy lotion, by shaking it. Perfect for people who have congested and puffy eyes, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-edema properties. It is also recommended for sensitive eyes and for people who use contact lenses.

- Refreshing and Moisturizing Mist: It contains hyaluronic acid, which provides extra dose of hydration and reduces wrinkles.

- Cleansing Foam: It is a soft cleanser that removes the impurities of the skin and the excess of sebum, cleaning it thoroughly. It contains an active ingredient 100% biodegradable that regulates the growth of microorganisms in the skin, in the case of acne-prone skin.

Cleansing Gel: Fresh cleansing gel, suitable for all kind of skins, but overall, for young people since it is really easy to apply. It is fresh and light.

Cleansing MilkSoft emulsion that removes the impurities and the make-up gently and easily. It restores the skin elasticity, especially suitable for sensitive or dry skin.

These products above are for daily skincare routine but they are not enough. It is highly recommended to do a deeper cleaning once per week. We recommend you:

Enzyme Powder CleanserThis powder cleanser cleans and scrubs the surface of the skin leaving it soft and young. Its exclusive cosmetic formula has papaya and pineapple enzymes, which improve the appearance of the skin and revitalizes it.

Face Peeling: It removes the dead cells of the surface layer, improving the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. It clears the skin and leaves a bright look.

 If you have any doubt and you do not know which products are more suitable for you, book your online appointment to get a free personalized diagnosis and we will be glad to help you.



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