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Article: María D'uol Redu-cell Plus 24H in Vogue Spain

Redu-cell Plus 24 H en Vogue Spain

María D'uol Redu-cell Plus 24H in Vogue Spain

"Thank you very much, Ana, for incluying María D'uol Redu-cell Plus 24H, between the best 15 anti-cellulite best sellers."

Ana Gándara is Social Media Manager in Vogue Spain, and at the same time she was Beauty Editor in the same magazine. On 8th February, she talks about cellulite, and the difficulty to be removed; however, healthy eating habits, doing exercise and using a good cosmetic formula can improve the appearance of the skin.

In this fantastic article, she gives us tips to choose a good anti-cellulite product, she explains the most acclaimed ingredients in products to improve the skin appearance; and, also, how to enhance the effects of using them.

Among her 15 favorites products, is our Redu-cell Plus 24h, intensive reducer and firming body gel that works 24 hours a day. It burns fat and reduces cellulite, and thanks to its natural active ingredients, mix the three properties of a great body care: anticellulite, firming and microcirculation activator lotion. It burns the localized body fat, firming and thinning the silhouette. The physical exercise intensifies its action.

Ana Gándara defines it this way in her article:

"Oncological research is behind Maria D'uol's philosophy, the firm has developed a whole range of face and body care products, based on science. Thus, one of the most effective anti-cellulite reducers has been formulated. It is a fast-absorbing gel-cream texture, it acts in record time to globally treat localized fat and lack of firmness."

You can read the full post, here.


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