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Article: Tips for Christmas Make Up

Trucos de maquillaje para lucir una piel radiante estas fiestas

Tips for Christmas Make Up


The key for looking a beautiful make up is to prepare your skin before the make up.  

Do you know how to do it?

In the following video, María gives us some tips to look an amazing make up. 


1. Scrub your face with Enzyme Powder Cleansing, its exclusive formula contains natural enzymes of papaya and pineaple that boost your skin's radiance and revitalize it.

2. Apply Firming Instabeauty Mask, to boost skin energy. 

3. Apply Hyaluronic Ceuticals Serum for filling the wrinkles and moisturizing the skin. It helps maintain the level of hydration and protect from external aggressions.

4. Fix your make up with Refreshing and Moisturizing Mist. It has hyaluronic acid that provides extra hydration in the skin. 

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