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Article: Wow you look great!

Qué buena cara tienes

Wow you look great!

"You look great!" is a sentence that we love to hear. 


In the following vídeo, María tells us the key to look a radiant and beautiful skin. 

The vitamin C is the best ally, the essential ingredient to look a full of life skin, since it is a great antioxidant. The wintertime is over and we are welcoming the springtime, our face could look dull and luckluster from the winter season. It is the perfect moment to give an energy kick to your skin.

In addition of being a powerful antioxidant, protecting us from photoaging, Vitamin C benefits are:

- It improves the collagen synthesis, firming the skin. 

- It clarifies and evens the skin tone. 

- It reduces the dark spots and the blemishes, thanks to its peeling properties. 

- It improves the skin texture

The body neither produces vitamin C nor stores it; that is why, it is important to include it during springtime, either be eaten or applied topically to the skin. 

María D'uol C Vitamin Ceuticals is your best friend this spring season. It is a concentrated serum of vitamin C for an intensive treatment of luminosity.

1. It reduces the dark spots and evens out the skin tone, it is not photosensitive. 

2. It is recommended for dull and luckluster skin and people who have dark spots or blemishes. 

3. It increases the elasticity and firmness. 

The perfect serum not to stop hearing, "Wow you look great!"


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