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Article: Letter from Zuriñe Arratibel Mendibil

Carta de Zuriñe Arratibel Mendibil

Letter from Zuriñe Arratibel Mendibil

I am a 21 years old girl, born in a village, located closed to Vitoria - Gasteiz. I have grown in a friendly atmosphere. My family teached me values that have helped me during my childhood to follow my dreams. Some of these values are the humility, honesty and to be a good person. 

Since I was a child, I have known that I would like to work in the world of business, to organize and to plan projects in companies. When I was a child I used to pay to organize papers, to pick up the phone, and so on. I used to help my parents in the business accounting.

When I was 17 years old, I went to Madrid to study Business Management, to try to make my dream come true and being manager of a large multinational company in the future. 

During my academic years I combined my career studies with languages studies; such as English, French and Chinese.
I also did some local volunteers (school support) and international volunteers (I spent a month in Brazil with children).

When I was in my second year in the University, I decided to come back home because of a severe pain in my right leg. First thing we did is to go to hospital. There, they diagnosed me with Osteosarcoma. It was not the diagnosis I expected, so all of a sudden, my plans for the year changed. 

I was lucky to be accompanied by my mother and my aunt. Together, we have made a great team and they are who have always accompanied me at every step.

It was a time to rethink everything, but we chose to understand the disease as an opportunity for personal growth and learning.

Since then, I decided to trust all the decisions we make, and especially trust life. 

In few days I had many changes I was not used to. My family was always there to support me and make me understand that things are not always as you plan them.

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Carta de Zuriñe Arratibel.

Carta de Zuriñe Arratibel.

Zuriñe fué diagnosticada de un osteosarcoma en mayo 2019

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