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Article: Patience, willpower, consistency of the project and to avoid shortcuts.

"Paciencia, fuerza de voluntad, coherencia en el proyecto y no coger atajos"

Patience, willpower, consistency of the project and to avoid shortcuts.

"If you do things right, aligning with your values you are a free person". María Unceta-Barrenechea Olazar.

Last Monday, 23rd October, Javier de los Ríos interviewed María in his program "Diálogos con Javier de los Ríos" in Cadena Ser Radio Station, in Córdoba (Spain). 

A beautiful interview where María tells us her beginnings, and despite her difficulties, she were loyal to her values and to her objective to take care of people's skin. The perseverance, the effort and the strong believe in her products, have been the basis of the whole business career.

María D'uol is a manufacturing laboratory. The whole process is carried out in the laboratory, from the analysis of customer needs, the development of the product, the production itself and the distribution to the final customer. This is an advantage for María D'uol Company, since it can move forward with creativity and innovation, María tells Javier.

For María and María D'uol as a company, the health of people and their skin has always been beyond the beauty. In 2015, María launched "Carmen Oncology Line", the first line of cancer patients-oriented cosmetics, designed to prevent, relieve, and repair skin reactions of radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Patients and healthcare staff, by its own experience, contribute to the development of new lines of investigation and they are witnesses of the love and dedication of this project. A line designed with the highest rigor, security, effectiveness and love.

A project that has become a lifestyle. María and her team are in touch continuosly with patients, taking care of their skin in one of the most important moments of their life. It is, for all of them, very exciting and moving when the patients contact the laboratory to thank them and share with them, how their skin improves thanks to the products of this line and how they can continue with their treatment. 

María considers the raw materials suppliers, packaging suppliers, designers and digital marketing experts to be part of their team. All of them, help María D'uol to get new skincare products with the highest scientific rigor, security, and efficiency; being also commited to the society and the environment. 

Certainly, throughout these 31 years, María avoid to take shortcuts, and do things well and properly, being faithful to her values, one of the keys to her success.

 You can listen the whole interview here:



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