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Today we want to go a little deeper into the visible humanization, and the not so visible, of the person who heads María D'uol as a brand, as a constant project of evolution, and as a purpose to improve the quality of life of thousands of women and people who suffer the ravages of cancer on their skin.

Today we speak with María Unceta-Barrenechea. Are you staying with us? We would love for you to get to know her a little more.

1. Who is María Unceta-Barrenechea?

I am a smiling woman and the mother of two wonderful children. Pharmacy graduate, businesswoman and eternal apprentice. I love studying and keep learning from good people.

I feel very grateful to life because I have been able to make my decisions freely and with it, choose my way of living life through science, which is one of my passions.

I like to be the protagonist of my life and not a spectator and that is sometimes hard, because also, I want you to know that I am very weeping.

I consider myself a brave woman, I think I inherited it from my mother, who was a true leader. And that has allowed me, with a lot of effort, perseverance and patience, to fulfill my dreams.

Since I was little I have liked biology and science, teaching and caring for people. Something that I do every day with Maria D'uol . I formulate and research permanently, taking care of the skin of the people who trust me to improve their quality of life.

And although I keep getting nervous before giving a training or at conferences, because of that feeling of self-demand and responsibility, it is something that I am also passionate about.

Miracles exist and dreams are fulfilled.

2. Why was the María D'uol brand born?

In the subject of galenics, at the University, we made tablets, ointments, injectables and syrups using plants and other active ingredients that are effective in curing diseases. It was then that I thought that I was going to make the best cosmetics to care for and heal people's skin.

I wanted it to have a woman's name, and that is why I decided to call it María and D'uol from my surnames (U de Unceta-Barrenechea and Ol de Olazar) and, above all, that it be manufactured in Spain, since at that time it Reputable cosmetics came from Paris or Italy.

Maria Unceta-Barrenechea

3. What are the values of the María D'uol brand?

The first is scientific rigor. I believe in science above many things, in scientific evidence and in clinical trials that assure me of the results.

At María D'uol we select the best active ingredients and raw materials and use them in high concentrations so that the results are extraordinary.

Permanent innovation . As soon as I see a problem, or an agent that can affect our skin, I automatically start to think about what I can do to take care of that skin or prevent those harmful effects. That's when I start looking for active ingredients that are effective to take care of that skin. Of course, taking care of health. In other words, achieving beauty through health.

Maria D'Uol has been a pioneer throughout her 30 years in many products. We launched the Bb cream in 2002, a vinum line with resveratrol in 2008, the hyaluronic acid serum, when people didn't even know how to pronounce it.

Committed to people and hand in hand with my passion for formulating, we have been pioneers in creating the first line of dermocosmetics to prevent and minimize the side effects that occur on the skin during cancer treatment .

Commitment to the environment . I am very proud that it is a Spain brand. The entire process is carried out entirely in the laboratory. R + D + i, manufacturing and distribution.

Sustainability , we are making a great effort to renew our packaging with recycled and recyclable materials, thus using little ink and scarce cardboard packaging.

Personal attention . The care and affection that we put into all processes. I am aware that each person is unique and deserves the best treatment and advice.

4. How do you choose your human team when you have to incorporate someone new?

María D'Uol is a happy, fresh, enthusiastic company committed to quality and its people.

I try to keep relationships healthy and create the right environment so that entering the laboratory is a pleasure, and not an obligation.

The culture of commitment and collaboration oriented to the common good. All people are important and unique, regardless of the job they do.

I also consider suppliers, clients, health personnel, etc. to be part of the team, and I like that they grow with us.

5. Speak to us from the heart with the Carmen line.

It is a beautiful love story between my mother Carmen and me .

For me María D'uol has been the great project, however Carmen goes much further. It is exciting and at the same time it continues to be challenging. Through my mother's illness I was able to understand the important side effects that occur on the skin during cancer treatment and suffering, reducing the quality of life that occurs in patients.

Following closely the advances in medical treatments every day allows me to continue researching new products to care for the skin, and thus accompany many people during their illness to improve their quality of life.

Feeling that you are useful and that you have a purpose in this life is precious. I feel very lucky because I can unite my passion for formulating and my desire to want to take care of people.

With María D'uol Oncology Carmen I am meeting every day nurses and doctors from the different hospitals in the country, sharing that commitment to improve the quality of life of patients. They from their medical treatment, and I from skin care.

We open new clinical trials and scientific studies and we set new challenges to continue giving our best and advance with science.

My words for Carmen are "thank you" and "love". I am fascinated and I love what I do, and it gives me great joy to see that 30 years have passed since I founded María D'Uol and I continue with the same enthusiasm as the first day.

6. If you had to define María D'uol as a brand in one word, what would it be?

Authentic. Without thinking twice…

7. What do you think makes María D'uol different?

The care and affection that we put into all processes. That regardless of the fashions, remains true to its initial values.

We take care of and respect women so that they are beautiful, prioritizing the health of their skin. In other words, beauty through health. Everything is not valid, and shortcuts are not good.

8. What do you think of when you want to release a new product?

In the results that I want to obtain, that it be a product that makes you smile when you apply it, either because of its texture, its aroma, its results ... its everything.

Let it be your moment, the moment when you love yourself, take care of yourself, and pamper yourself.

9. What cannot be missing in the communication of the María D'uol brand both online and offline?

The clarity and the affection. This is what makes people trust us.

10. What are your challenges in 2021?

Stay at the forefront of research and advance with clinical trials and the Carmen line.

Also, I would love for the word to spread and reach out to all cancer patients. Let them know that we can take care of their skin and that, above all, they do not resign themselves to having cramps, dryness, itching or epithelitis. I know that our brand contributes to improving their quality of life, so the more people it reaches, the better.

As for the teaching part, I am already working to create new online courses and workshops, others that were previously face-to-face, we are adapting them to online.

And of course, continue with the same enthusiasm and passion formulating great products to care for the skin of all people.